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Area Code 530

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Area Code Company Line
530-881-xxxxWide Voice Llc - CaLandline
530-731-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-559-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-576-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-730-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-203-xxxxMpower Communications Corp - CaLandline
530-727-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-287-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-779-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-517-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-217-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-658-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-466-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-776-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-451-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-586-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-230-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-239-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-419-xxxxAllegiance Telecom Inc. - CaLandline
530-761-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-434-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-616-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-567-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-638-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-840-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-504-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-554-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-526-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-433-xxxxU.s. Telepacific Corp. - CaLandline
530-998-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-318-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-485-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-312-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-270-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-207-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-423-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-708-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-908-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-206-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-216-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-869-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-324-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-646-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-453-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-514-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-501-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-341-xxxxAllegiance Telecom Inc. - CaLandline
530-853-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-883-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-717-xxxxU.s. Telepacific Corp. - CaLandline
530-408-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-430-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-448-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless Clec Llc - CaLandline
530-863-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-480-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-512-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-618-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-440-xxxxCf Communications Llc Dba Telekenex - CaLandline
530-965-xxxxHypercube Telecom Llc - CaLandline
530-905-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-209-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-706-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-774-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-936-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-830-xxxxU.s. Telepacific Corp. - CaLandline
530-737-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-456-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-237-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-415-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-425-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-340-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-204-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-334-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-845-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-979-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-906-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-531-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-921-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-315-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
530-380-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-996-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-771-xxxxMpower Communications Corp - CaLandline
530-366-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
530-632-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-356-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-710-xxxxYmax Communications Corp. - CaLandline
530-405-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-999-xxxxCf Communications Llc Dba Telekenex - CaLandline
530-309-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-793-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-588-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-454-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-298-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-228-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-248-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-539-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-578-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-684-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-953-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-457-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-957-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-844-xxxxHypercube Telecom Llc - CaLandline
530-643-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-412-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-903-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-721-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-794-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-308-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-410-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-558-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-720-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-285-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-701-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-681-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-508-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-617-xxxxU.s. Telepacific Corp. - CaLandline
530-591-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-524-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-339-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-368-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-990-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-966-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-377-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-828-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-261-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-683-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-739-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-260-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-712-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
530-798-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-321-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-545-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless Clec Llc - CaLandline
530-471-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-522-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-687-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-353-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-375-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-682-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-816-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-917-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-482-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-354-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
530-484-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-713-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-535-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-925-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-316-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-249-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-718-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-861-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-548-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-351-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
530-227-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-210-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-598-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-698-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-927-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-680-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-420-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-619-xxxxComcast Phone Of California Llc - CaLandline
530-902-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-635-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-313-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-736-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-513-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-867-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-689-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-218-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-723-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-301-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-401-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-403-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-523-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-760-xxxxMpower Communications Corp - CaLandline
530-464-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-520-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-320-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-302-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-444-xxxxCf Communications Llc Dba Telekenex - CaLandline
530-481-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-838-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-416-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-569-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-919-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-848-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-502-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-360-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
530-640-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-933-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-678-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-212-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-213-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-322-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-388-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-349-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-592-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-601-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-719-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-553-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-262-xxxxUtility Telephone Inc. - CaLandline
530-777-xxxxCf Communications Llc Dba Telekenex - CaLandline
530-424-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-624-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-784-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-652-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-305-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-414-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-503-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-519-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-402-xxxxMpower Communications Corp - CaLandline
530-376-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-733-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-370-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-277-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-304-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-937-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-506-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-429-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-208-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-748-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-515-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-734-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-300-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-654-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-852-xxxxXo California Inc.Landline
530-729-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-772-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-400-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-200-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-604-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-613-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-383-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-570-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-663-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-945-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-788-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-355-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-330-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-948-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-391-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-455-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-685-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-941-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-314-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-428-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-418-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-913-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - CaWireless
530-362-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-518-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-634-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-801-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-641-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-296-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-864-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-291-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-369-xxxxNorth County Communications Corp. - CaLandline
530-686-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-421-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-394-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-884-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-361-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-580-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-521-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-306-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-307-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-653-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-579-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-358-xxxxPeerless Network Of California Llc - CaLandline
530-363-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-574-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-859-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-655-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-263-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-390-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-563-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-770-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-409-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-665-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-510-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-540-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-752-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-931-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-924-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-427-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-781-xxxxU.s. Telepacific Corp. - CaLandline
530-417-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-688-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-386-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-325-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-949-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-505-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-310-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-282-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-800-xxxxVaya Telecom Inc. - CaLandline
530-568-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-571-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-220-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-326-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-740-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-479-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-651-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-847-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-463-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-404-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-331-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-371-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-431-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-754-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-657-xxxxCal-ore Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-961-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of California - CaLandline
530-393-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-603-xxxxMpower Networks Services Inc. - CaLandline
530-290-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-968-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-890-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-372-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-645-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-773-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-445-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-215-xxxxCharter Fiberlink Ca-cco Llc - CaLandline
530-219-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-323-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-566-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-225-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-374-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-382-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-267-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-660-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-232-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-280-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-491-xxxxPeerless Network Of California Llc - CaLandline
530-516-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
530-202-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-745-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-575-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-497-xxxxPeerless Network Of California Llc - CaLandline
530-765-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-276-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-615-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
530-240-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-962-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-329-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcWireless
530-452-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-236-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-851-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-900-xxxxCf Communications Llc Dba Telekenex - CaLandline
530-447-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-373-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-831-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-381-xxxxCook Telecom Inc.Landline
530-500-xxxxSnowcrest Telephone Inc -caLandline
530-201-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-488-xxxxXo California Inc.Landline
530-590-xxxxAmerican Messaging Services LlcLandline
530-486-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-332-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-509-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-328-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-461-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-234-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-507-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-572-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - CaliforniaWireless
530-494-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-871-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-392-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-725-xxxxXo California Inc.Landline
530-923-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-250-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-693-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-364-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-581-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-538-xxxxPacific BellLandline Clec Llc - CaLandline
530-584-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-746-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
530-435-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-252-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-822-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-732-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-722-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-821-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-627-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-387-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-278-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-870-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-988-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-656-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-413-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-879-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-422-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-747-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-639-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-882-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-251-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-344-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-264-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - San FranciscoLandline
530-839-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-679-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-475-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-379-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
530-224-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-487-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-281-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-886-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-205-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-245-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-738-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-735-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-226-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-897-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-389-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-642-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-359-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-868-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-231-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-293-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-778-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-258-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline Clec Llc - CaLandline
530-564-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-238-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-327-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-483-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-797-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-790-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-229-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-762-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
530-749-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-751-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-289-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-595-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-763-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - CaLandline
530-605-xxxxCharter Fiberlink Ca-cco Llc - CaLandline
530-826-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-269-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-469-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-350-xxxxXo California Inc.Landline
530-303-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-694-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Southwest Inc - CaLandline
530-532-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-385-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-288-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-724-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-585-xxxxDucor Telephone Co.Landline
530-333-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-841-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-787-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-352-xxxxHappy Valley Telephone Co.Landline
530-750-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-436-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-562-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-495-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Southwest Inc - CaLandline
530-918-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-295-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-214-xxxxO1 Communications Inc. - CaLandline
530-462-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-235-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-889-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-825-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-820-xxxxGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc.-caLandline
530-542-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-898-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-279-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-426-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-470-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-378-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-286-xxxxHappy Valley Telephone Co.Landline
530-222-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-337-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-895-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-472-xxxxCitizens Telecom Dba Frontier Comm Of ToulumneLandline
530-543-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-696-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-221-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-437-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-625-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-621-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-888-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-550-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-692-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-659-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-827-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-465-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-528-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-271-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-406-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-946-xxxxCenturytel Of Oregon Inc. Dba CenturylinkLandline
530-241-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-876-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-755-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-384-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-982-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-842-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-891-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-994-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-265-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-255-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-668-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-796-xxxxGlobal Valley NetworksLandline
530-675-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-832-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-628-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-534-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-346-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-637-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-824-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-795-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-242-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-862-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-896-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-741-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-573-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-297-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-671-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-661-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-690-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-934-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-823-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-266-xxxxHappy Valley Telephone Co.Landline
530-757-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-647-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-283-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-233-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-674-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-626-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-964-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-244-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-357-xxxxHappy Valley Telephone Co.Landline
530-623-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-669-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-367-xxxxForesthill Telephone Co. Inc.Landline
530-223-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-633-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-629-xxxxVerizon California Inc.-caLandline
530-246-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-254-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-846-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-347-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-963-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-398-xxxxCalifornia - Oregon Telephone Co.Landline
530-459-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-348-xxxxPac - West Telecomm Inc.Landline
530-664-xxxxCalifornia - Oregon Telephone Co.Landline
530-247-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-243-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-473-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-397-xxxxCalifornia - Oregon Telephone Co.Landline
530-365-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-926-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-899-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-343-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-885-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-541-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-666-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-836-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-620-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-993-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-284-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-527-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-529-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-292-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-549-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-493-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-742-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-894-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-533-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-662-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-938-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-299-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-878-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-833-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-275-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-525-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-887-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-274-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-396-xxxxHappy Valley Telephone Co.Landline
530-672-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-589-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-335-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-759-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-253-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-342-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-257-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-673-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-496-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-345-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-474-xxxxCitizens Telecom Dba Frontier Comm Of ToulumneLandline
530-743-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-667-xxxxCalifornia - Oregon Telephone Co.Landline
530-892-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-468-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-546-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-872-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-476-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-273-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-582-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-622-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-893-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-544-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-272-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-478-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-596-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-477-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-256-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-432-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-865-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-467-xxxxSiskiyou Telephone Co.Landline
530-547-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-695-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-677-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-676-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-644-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-877-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-259-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-458-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-268-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-758-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-439-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-597-xxxxCitizens Telecom Ca. Dba Frontier Com Of CaLandline
530-577-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-873-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-438-xxxxCitizens Telecomm Dba Frontier Comm Golden StateLandline
530-600-xxxxCharter Fiberlink Ca-cco Llc - CaLandline
530-753-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-583-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-809-xxxxComcast Phone Of California Llc - CaLandline
530-792-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-587-xxxxPacific BellLandline
530-756-xxxxPacific BellLandline

Details about area code (530) has the local exchanges. Click your desired exchange to gather more information about the phone number.

Area Code 530 Teritorry

California (Redding, Auburn, Chico, Davis, the California shore of Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Susanville, Truckee, Yreka, and most of northeastern California)